Employee's State Insurance Corporation, Government of India
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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the statutory executive organ of the Corporation. The members are drawn from the main body of the Corporation by nomination and election. The nominated members include three members each of the Central Govt. and State Governments. Further, three members each representing employers and employees and one each representing parliament and the medical profession are elected from amongst the members of the Corporation through a voice vote. Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India functions as the Chairman of the Standing Committee. Director General, ESI Corporation is also an ex-officio member of the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee is vested with powers to administer the affairs of the Corporation, exercise any of the powers and perform any functions of the Corporation subject to the overall control and superintendence of the Corporation. Standing Committee is also empowered to constitute any non-statutory sub-committees for specific purposes as the need be.
Last updated / Reviewed : 28-04-2016