Bharat Sarkar



Under Section 2(12) the Act is applicable to non-seasonal factories employing 10 or more persons.
Under Section 1(5) of the Act, the Scheme has been extended to shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatres, road-motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishments employing 10* or more persons.
Further under section 1(5) of the Act, the Scheme has been extended to Private Medical and Educational institutions employing 10* or more persons in certain States/UTs.

*Note: However in Some State threshold limit for Coverage of establishments in still 20 Employees of the aforesaid categories of factories and establishments These State Governments/UTs are in the process of reducing the same. The existing wage limit for coverage under the Act is Rs.21,000/- per month (w.e.f. 01/01/2017).

The ESI Scheme is being implemented area-wise by stages. The Scheme has already been implemented in different areas in the following States/Union Territories of Indian Union

All the States except Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

All union territories except Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu and Lakshadweep Islands.
The scheme is notified in 325 complete Districts out of 393 Districts, where scheme was partially implemented and 89 Districts Headquarters out of non implemented Districts.

Coverage(As on 31st March, 2016)  
No. of Insured Person family units 2.13 Crores
No. of Employees 1.89 Crores
Total No. of Beneficiaries 8.28 Crores
No. of Insured women 3.78 Lacs
No. of Employers, etc 7.83 Lacs
Coverage(As on 31st March, 2017)  
No. of Insured Person family units 3.19 Crores
Total No. of Beneficiaries 12.37 Crores


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