Employee's State Insurance Corporation, Government of India
Chinta se mukti


01/08 Office Order 173 of 2008 (Insurance Inspectors and Branch Managers Gr.II)
02/09 Office Order 99,100 (Sh.D.Lahiri as AC and Sh.M.R.Pratap as RD Gr.B)
03/09 Office Order 101,102 (Insurance Inspectors)
04/09 Office Order No. 106 of 2009 (Joint Directors - DE)
05/09 Office Order No. 120 and 122 of ESIC Hqrs. Office (Promotion Order of A.C./Transfer Orders of AD/Manager/S.O.
06/09 Office Order No.53 & 54 of 2009 (Inter Regional Transfer of LDCs and Peon)
07/09 Office Order No.150 of 2009 (Promotion of Sh.Kshetra Pal Sharma as Jt.Director(OL)
08/09 Office Order No.151 of 2009 (Transfer of Sh.T.K.Bhattacharya as AC (P&A)
09/09 Office Order No.152 of 2009 (Additional Charge as D.G. by F.C. during DG's leave Period)
10/09 Promotion  orders (Office Order No.177 of 2009) of Regional Director Gr.A/Director to Additional Commissioner 
11/09 Transfer Posting Orders (Office Order No.178 of 2009) of Deputy/Joint Directors
12/09 Promotion order (Office Order No.180 of 2009) of Assistant Directors
13/09 Clarification (Office Order No.181 of 2009) regarding Promotion Orders (Office Order No.86,87 & 88 of 2009) of Deputy Director

01/10 Posting Orders (Office Order No.20 of 2010) of Dr.J.N.Mohanty as Medical Commissioner w.e.f.31.03.2010 A.N.
02/10 Promotion/Transfer Order (Office Order No.23 of 2010) of Assistant Director/Manager Gr.1 on adhoc basis
03/10 Transfer Order (Office Order No.24 of 2010) of Deputy Directors
04/10 Transfer Order (Office Order No.25 of 2010) of Assistant Directors/Manager Gr.I
05/10 Transfer Order (Office Order No. 26 of 2010) of Insurance Inspectors
06/10 Transfer Order Office Order No.02 of 2010 - Inter Regional Transfer (Peon)
07/10 Transfer/Posting (Office Order No.46 of 2010) - Sh.G.C.Jena & Sh.Chinmay Bose
08/10 Transfer/Posting Orders dated 29.04.10 (Office Order No.48 of 2010) - AC & RDs
09/10 Promotion/Posting Orders dated 29.04.10 (Office Order No.49 of 2010) - Regional Director Gr.B/Joint Director
10/10 Transfer/Posting Office Order dated 07.05.10 (Office Order No.09 of 2010) of Junior Hindi Translators
11/10 Transfer/Posting Office Order No. 168 of 2010 -transfer of Specialists/General Duty Medical Officers
12/10 Office Order No. 169 of 2010 - Promotion of Medical Officers
13/10 Transfer/Posting (Office Order No.60 of 2010) dated 03.06.2010 [Promotion from the Assistant/Head Clerk to Insurance Inspector on qualifying LDCE held on 10.03.2010]
14/10 Office Order No.186 of 2010 dated 08.06.2010 (Promotion of Ms.Maya Devi, Dy.Nursing Supdt. of ESIH, Basaidarapur, New Delhi)
15/10 Officer Order No.65 of 2010 dated 15.06.2010 [Transfer of Sh.D.Lahiri, AC (NTA) to Hqrs. Office]
16/10 Officer Order No.67,68 & 69 of 2010 dated 16.06.2010 regarding promotion, transfer and cancellation in the grades of JDs and ADs adhoc
Office Order No.70 of 2010 Dated 28.06.2010 regarding promotion, transfer in the grades of Asst.Dir./Manager Grade-I/Section Officer to the grade of Deputy Dir. on adhoc basis
18/10 Office Order No.198 of 2010 Dated 29.06.2010 regarding handing over of additional charge of Director (Medical) Noida to Dy.Director (Medical) Noida on his retirement on superannuation.
19/10 Office Order No.74 & 75 of 2010 dated 30.06.2010 regarding transfer/ posting/ cancellation of promotion in respect of Insurance Inspectors
20/10 Office Order No. 214 of 2010 - Transfer/posting of Medical Officers
21/10 Office Order No. 215 of 2010 - Transfer/posting of Medical Officers
22/10 Office Order No.88 of 2010 dated 16.07.2010 - Transfer/Posting of Asstt.Director/ Dy.Director/ Jt.Director/ Director
23/10 Office Order No.219 of 2010 dated 23.07.2010 - Transfer / Posting of Medical Officers
24/10 Office Order No.101 of 2010 dated 30.07.2010 - Transfer / Posting of Social Security Officers)
25/10 Office Order No.102 of 2010 dated 30.07.2010 - Review DPC (Promotion Order of Social Security Officers)
26/10 Office Order No.103 of 2010 dated 30.07.2010 - Review DPC (Promotion Order of Social Security Officers)
27/10 Office Order No.104 of 2010 dated 30.07.2010 - Promotion/Posting Order of Social Security Officers
28/10 Letter dated 06.08.2010 regarding Sanction of staff for SSMC/SMC Office.
29/10 Letter dated 18.08.2010 regarding transfer/posting for Procurement Cell
30/10 Office Order No.38 dated 19.08.2010 - Transfer/Posting of Junior Hindi Translator
31/10 Office Order No. 113 dated 17.08.2010 - Transfer/Posting of Joint Director
32/10 Office Order No. 259 dated 23.08.2010 - Transfer/Posting of Medical Officers
33/10 Office Order No.116 dated 26.08.2010 - Promotion Order to the post of Additional Commissioner
34/10 Office Order No. 169 dated 19.05.2010 - Promotion Order of Medical Officers
35/10 Office Order No.120 dated 08.09.2010 - Promotion Orders of Joint Director
36/10 Office Order No.305 dated 13.09.2010 - Promotion Confirmation Orders (GDMO to IMO Gr.II)
37/10 Office Order No.306 dated 13.09.2010 - Promotion orders (IMO GR.II to IMO Gr.I)
38/10 Office Order No.125 dated 14.09.2010 - Transfer/Posting Orders (Director/ JDs/ DDs/ ADs)
Office Order NO. 129 dated 22.09.2010 - Regarding releiving of Officers transferred vide Office Order No. 125 dated 14.09.2010

39/10 Office Order No 304 dated 10/21.09.2010-Transfer order of Dr.R.S.Karothiya,SAG,D(M)D as Deputy Medical Superintendent.
40/10 Office Order No. 345 of 2010-Transfer/Posting of Pharmacist.
41/10 Office Order No.346 of 2010 - Transfer/Posting of Bearer/Laundry Operator/Dresser
42/10 Office Order No.347 of 2010-Transfer/Posting of the Pharmacists.
43/10 Office Order No. 359 of 2010- Transfer/Posting of of the Medical Officers.
44/10 Office Order no.134 dt. 30.09.2010 (Promotion Orders of JD(Adhoc))
45/10 Office Order No.140 dated 06.10.2010-Transfer of Assistant Director from RO to Hqrs. Office
46/10 Office Order No.141 dated 06.10.2010--Promotion/Transfer/Posting of Dr. Panna Prasad Assistant Director(OL)
47/10 Office Order No.143 dated 11.10.2010 (Promotion Order of RD Gr.'A'/Director on Adhoc Basis)
48/10 Office Order No.144 dated 12.10.2010 (Promotion order of PA to PS on regular basis)
49/10 Office Order No.145 dated 13.10.2010 (Promotion Order of Sh.R.Natarajan, JD)
50/10 Office Order No.146 dated 13.10.2010 (Promotion Order of Sh.P.Barua, JD)
51/10 Office Order No.147 dated 13.10.2010 (Transfer Order of Joint Director/Directors)
52/10 Office Order No.389 dated 25.10.2010 (Promotion/Posting order of Dr.Krishna Avtar Gupta)
53/10 Office Order No.379 dated 08/25.10.2010 (Transfer/Posting of Dr.Soumya T.G. from ESIC Hospital, Kollam, Kerala to ESIC Hospital, Udyogmandal, Kerala)
54/10 Office Order No.397 dated 29.10.2010 (Transfer/Posting of Dr.Vinod Chauhan, IMO(SAG))
55/10 Office Order No.158 dated 03.11.2010 (Promotion Orders of Assistant Directors to Deputy Directors)
56/10 Office Order No. 420 dated 09.11.2010(Promotion Orders of Insurance Medical Officer Gr. I at ESIC Hospital Kollam on Regular Basis)
57/10 Office Order No. 421 dated 09.11.2010(Promotion Order of IMO Gr.-II at ESIC Hospital Kollam on Regular Basis)
58/10 Office Order No.422 dated 09.11.2010 (Promotion Order of IMO Gr.-I at ESIC Hospital Kollam on Regular Basis)
59/10 Office Order No.445 dated 24.11.2010(Transfer Order of SMCs and IMO)
60/10 Office Order No.447 dated 26.11.2010(Promotion Order of Medical Officer)
61/10 Office Order No.169 dated 26.11.2010 and 171 dated 29.11.2010 (Transfer Posting Order Director, Social Security Officers)
62/10 Office Order No.33, 34 and 35 dated 02.12.10 & 03.12.10 (List of selected cadidates who have qualified Quarterly Type Test, Stenography and LDCE in Departmental test)
63/10 Office Order No.460 & 461 dated 06.12.2010 from Med.-IV Branch regarding decision of DPC/Review DPC.
64/10 Office Order No.463 & 468 dated 06.12.2010 & 09.12.2010 respectively from Med.IV Branch regarding of DPC/Review DPC
65/10 Office Order No.172 & 174 dated 08.12.2010 & 09.12.2010 respectively from E-1 Branch regarding transfer/posting of Jt.Director/Deputy Director/Asstt.Director and regarding relieving of officers transferred vide Office Order 125,145,147,169 of 2010.
66/10 Office Order no. 181 dated 28.12.2010 regarding cancellation of Promotion of Assistants/Head Clerks to the cadre of Insurance Inspector/ Branch Manager
67/10 Office Order no. 182 dated 28.12.2010 regarding refusal of Promotion /Change of posting of some Officers.
68/10 Office Order No.488 dated 29.12.2010(Promotion of Specialists Grade-II(Senior Scale) to the post of Specialist Grade-I)
69/10 Office Order No.183 dated 30.12.2010 (Promotion of Social Security Officer)
70/10 Office Order No.184 dated 30.12.2010 (Transfer/Posting of Deputy Director)
71/10 Office Order No. 46 dated 31.12.2010 (Promotion to the post of Personal Assistant)
72/10 Office Order No. 47 dated 31.12.2010(Promtion of Junior Hindi Translator to Senior Hindi Translator)
Office Order No.36 dated 13.01.2011 (Transfer/Posting of Dr.Bharat Kumar, IMO Gr.II)