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In-Patient Treatment

In-Patient Treatment

Under the E.S.I. Scheme, IPs in all areas and their family members in areas with "Full" medical care facility are entitled to hospitalisation.

In-patient treatment is provided at hospitals constructed by E.S.I.C or by reservation of beds in the hospitals owned by the State Government, local Fund Organisation or Private Bodies or by constructing annexes to such institutions. The E.S.I. Scheme pays for these beds on the basis of occupied bed days. The Corporation has framed standard plans for construction of different sizes of hospitals/annexes mainly with a view to achieving uniformity and standardisation all over the country.

The Corporation has also laid down norms for equipment and staff for hospitals of different bed strengths.

Drugs and Dressings

All drugs and dressings (including vaccines and sera) that may be considered necessary and generally in accordance with the E.S.I.C drug formulary are supplied free of charge. There are two parts in E.S.I.C Drug Formulary, 1998 as follows:-

Part-I:- List of medicines for emergency kit for
  • dispensary
  • hospital
Part II:-List of medicines to be supplied by dispensaries in Service Areas or by approved chemists or depots on prescription in panel areas.

Last updated / Reviewed : 2017-01-09