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S.No. Name of Office Subject Publish Date Console Sl. No.
41 ESIC, SMC, Ahmedabad Details of Tie-up Diagnostic Centre for ESI Beneficiaries (for Gujarat Region) size:(156.13 KB) .
13/10/2017 106/2017
42 ESIC, RO, Kolkata Notice Inviting Expression pf Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Private/ Reputed Hospitals/ Diagnostic Centres for Superspeciality Services size:(527.99 KB) .
27/09/2017 105/2017
43 ESIC-SSMC- Indore मध्य प्रदेश के 22 जिलों में नवीन क्रियांवित श्रेत्रों में प्राथमिक चिकित्सा सुविधा प्रदाताओं के नाम एवं पते size:(279.09 KB) .
22/09/2017 104/2017
44 ESIC, S.S.H, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad Re E-Tender Notice Inviting Tenders for Providing Annual Repairs and Maintenance of ESIC Super Speciality Hospital (Civil Works) size:(856.47 KB) .
12/09/2017 103/2017
45 ESICH,SN,Lucknow Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Secondary Care Services for ESI Beneficiaries size:(459.47 KB) .
01/09/2017 102/2017
46 ESIC,SMC,Guwahati Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Private/Reputed Hospitals/ Diagnostic Centres in NE Region of Superspeciality Services (Treatment and Diagnostic ) in Assam / Meghalya / Nagaland /Tripura / Mizoram and for both Secondary & Superspeciality in Manipur for Beneficiaries of ESIC Corporation size:(183.14 KB) .
22/08/2017 101/2017
47 ESIC, RO, Guwahati SST Tie up with Advanced Speciality Hospital & Research Institute at Place Compound, Imphal Eastlmphal-795001 size:(365.25 KB) .
14/08/2017 100/2017
48 ESIC, RO, Guwahati SST Tie up With Nucleomed Imaging & Diagnostic, Guwahati size:(430.01 KB) .
10/08/2017 99/2017
49 ESICMH, Namkum, Ranchi Tie-up Hospital with ESIC MH, Namkum, Ranchi for Super Specialist Treatment & Secondary Care.- Updated List size:(273.43 KB) .
09/08/2017 98/2017
50 ESIC, Hqrs, New Delhi Monthly Review of Referral Cases-reg size:(520.39 KB) .
02/08/2017 97/2017
51 ESIC, SMC, Ahemdabad Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment for Super Specialty Treatment and /or Diagnostic Services to ESI Beneficiaries size:(4.95 MB) .
31/07/2017 96/2017
52 ESIC, SSMC, Mumbai Expression of Interest for Providing Secondary Care Treatment (Including Diagnostic ) to ESI Beneficiaries in Maharashtra size:(789.06 KB) .
28/07/2017 95/2017
53 ESIC, SMC, Jaipur Request for Proposal for providing Super Specialty Treatment and Diagnostic Services to ESI Beneficiaries in Rajasthan size:(680.64 KB) .
25/07/2017 94/2017
54 ESIC, D(M)D, Tilak Vihar, New Delhi Empanelment of Reputed Private Hospital for Providing SST Services to ESI Beneficiaries in Delhi/ New Delhi and Noida / Greater Noida Region size:(404.73 KB) .
25/07/2017 93/2017
55 ESIC, SMC, Ahmedabad List of Empanelled Hospitals size:(1.42 MB) .
24/07/2017 92/2017
56 ESIC, SSH, Hyderabad E-Tender Enquiry Form for Surgical And LAb Consumables size:(999.02 KB) .
17/07/2017 91/2017
57 ESIC-SSMC- Indore Expression of Interest of Providing Primary health Care Services size:(66.31 KB) .
07/06/2017 90/2017
58 ESIC, SMC, Baddi, H.P List of Empaneled Hospital in the State of Himachal Pradesh for the Year of 2016- size:(1.72 MB) .
13/07/2017 89/2017
59 ESICMH, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh List of Empanelled Hospitals for ESIC-MH Ramdarbar, Chandigarh size:(461.57 KB) .
06/07/2017 88/2017
60 ESIC, S.S.H, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad E-Tender for Supply and Installation of Equipment Patient Air Warmer size:(1.06 MB) .
05/07/2017 87/2017

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