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S.No. Name of Office Subject Publish Date Console Sl. No.
101 ESIC, RO, Hyderabad Invites Application from Health Care Organization for Empanelment for Super Speciality Treatment. size:(419.46 KB) .
01/08/2016 45/2016
102 ESIC, RO, Hyderabad Invites Application from Health Care Organization for Empanelment for Super Specialty Treatment. size:(419.46 KB) .
27/07/2016 44/2016
103 ESIC, RO, Faridabad, Haryana Updated List of Tie-up Hospitals of SMC Haryana as on 01.05.2016 size:(618.75 KB) .
26/07/2016 43/2016
104 ESICMH, Rajajinagar, Bangalore Districtwise Tie-up Hospitals List. size:(132.15 KB) .
22/07/2016 42/2016
105 ESIC RO, Puducherry list of tie-up hospital for SST in Puducherry Region. size:(327.36 KB) .
21/07/2016 41/2016
106 ESICH, Adityapur, Jharkhand List of Tie-Up Hospital at ESIC Hospital,Adityapur,Jamshedpur,Jharkhand size:(138.83 KB) .
20/07/2016 40/2016
107 ESIC, North Swaraj Round, Thrissur List of Hospitals Empanelled by SSMC for SST Services in Kerala. size:(778.03 KB) .
19/07/2016 39/2016
108 ESIC, RO, Hyderabad Empanelment of HCO for Super Specialty Treatment in Andhra Pradesh State. size:(582.30 KB) .
Empanelment of HCO for Super Specialty Treatment in Telangana State. size:(2.94 MB) .
19/07/2016 38/2016
109 ESICMH, Ludhiana, Punjab List of Empanel Hospitals size:(121.01 KB) .
19/07/2016 36/2016
110 Pro-Cell, SST, ESIC, Hqrs, New Delhi Corrigendum of Modified Guidelines for Empanelment of Tie-Up Hospitals-reg size:(362.51 KB) .
18/07/2016 35/2016
111 ESICH, Udyogamandal, Kerala Details of nearby empanelled Hospitals. size:(206.06 KB) .
18/07/2016 34/2016
112 ESICMH, Beltola, Guwahati List of Tie-Up Hospital in r/o ESIC Model Hospital,Beltola,Guwahati size:(886.93 KB) .
18/07/2016 33/2016
113 ESIC, RO, Guwahati List of Empanelled Hospitals-Diagnostic Centres for Super Speciality Medical Care Facility in North Eastern Region. size:(161.72 KB) .
18/07/2016 32/2016
114 ESIC-PGIMSR & ODC(E.Z), Joka, Kolkata Updated List of Empanelled Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres(SST). size:(507.13 KB) .
15/07/2016 31/2016
115 ESICMH, Namkum, Ranchi Name of the Tie-up Hospitals for Super Speciality Treatment in Jharkhand Region As on 14.07.2016 size:(421.42 KB) .
15/07/2016 30/2016
116 ESICMH, Baddi, H.P List of Tie up Hospitals for Superspeciality Treatment for ESIC Model Hospital Baddi (H.P) size:(91.01 KB) .
14/07/2016 29/2016
117 ESIC, RO, Ahemdabad Details of Tie- up Hospitals & Diagnostics Centers for ESI. Beneficiaries size:(369.92 KB) .
14/07/2016 28/2016
118 ESICMH, Bari Brahmana, Jammu (J & K) Tender regarding empanalment for Tie-Up under Super Specialty Treatment. size:(375.50 KB) .
05/07/2016 27/2016
119 ESIC, RO, Chandigarh List of Empanelled Private Institutions With office of SSMC, RO, ESIC, Sec. 19-A, Chandigarh Upto Respective Dates or till Finalization of Tender for new SST/SSI hospital, whichever is earlier. size:(662.13 KB) .
01/07/2016 26/2016
120 ESIC-PGIMSR & ODC(E.Z), Joka, Kolkata Applications are invited for Empanelment of Private/Reputed Hospitals/Diagnostic centres and Nursing Homes and Dental Clinics for Secondary care /Speciality Treatment and Diagnostic services/Dental care services for beneficiaries of ESI Corporation, ESIC Officials and Pensioners referred by ESIC MDDC, Haldia size:(545.43 KB) .
25/01/2016 25/2016

Last updated / Reviewed : 2019-11-15



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