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Temporary Disablement Benefit

Temporary Disablement Benefit

(b) Certificates Required for TDB:
Accident Report in form 16, Form 8,9,10, 11 and ESIC Med.13.

(c) Eligibility for TDB :
The benefit is not subject to any contributory conditions. An IP is eligible from the day he joins the insurable employment.

(d) TDB Rate is 90% of average daily wages.

(e) Duration of TDB :
There is no prescribed limit for the duration of TDB. This is payable as long as temporary disablement lasts and significant improvement by treatment is possible. If a Temporary Disablement spell lasts for less than 3 days (excluding day of accident), IP will be paid sickness benefit, if otherwise eligible. A special point for IMOs/IMPs is that some IPs may resist taking a Final Certificate especially before 3 days for fear of loss of TDB.


Last updated / Reviewed : 2017-02-21