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Tender 2009

Tender 2009

001/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Tender for Rate Contract for Ayurvedic Drugs 25-03-2009
002/2009 ESI Hospital Okhla: Tender for Ophthalmic department equipment for ESI Hospital Okhla 06-04-2009
003/2009 ESI Hospital Okhla: Tender for Maintenance of Civil, electrical Installations and Horticulture works of ESI Hospital Complex and residential colony and maintenance and operation of various services 20-03-2009
004/2009 IGESIH Jhilmil: Tender for Surgical Equipments & Pathology Equipments 25-03-2009
005/2009 Director (Medical), NOIDA: Tender for Annual Repairs & Maintenance  
006/2009 IGESIH Jhilmil: Tender for Annual Repair and Maintenance of Work of Hospital and Staff Qtrs., Jhilmil 19-03-2009
007/2009 Director (Medical) Delhi: Tender for the Local Chemist for supply of Allopathic Medicines 12-03-2009

Director (Medical) Rohini: Tender for purchase of Stationary items

009/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for Repair & Maintenance work of Buildings & other related works 26-03-2009
010/2009 ESIC Sub Regional Office, Surat: Tender documents for ARM work 20-03-2009
011/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Tender for conducting Client Satisfaction Survey
012/2009 ESIH, ROHINI: Tender for the Annual repair and Maintenance of civil and electrical work 24-03-2009
013/2009 ESIC Sub Regional Office, Vadodara: Tender for annual reapirs and maintenance of Civil/Electrical works  23-03-2009
014/2009 IGESIH Jhilmil: Tender for annual contract of hiring hearse van 25-03-2009
015/2009 ESI Hospitals (Gurgaon & MGM Mumbai): Tender No. HLL/PCD/ESIC-03/08-09 dt. 05.03.09 for procurement of medical equipment and hospital furnitures 09-04-2009
016/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Tender for repair and maintenance work of ESIC Colony, Sector 56, NOIDA and ESIC Hqrs. Office 21-04-2009
017/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for providing tie up services for Blook Bank facilities for Whole Human Blood and Blood Components for patients 24-04-2009
018/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Tender for SITC of 1 No. state-of art Modular OT both side antibacterial high pressure laminate HIPERCARE/STERIPANEL at ESIC Model Hospital, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiaya, Punjab 27-04-2009
019/2009 Tender for procurement of Medical Equipment for Four ESIC Hospitals
Tender Document
020/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of Medical Books and Journals for Library of the Hospital 08-05-2009
021/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of various Ophthalmological Implants, Intra Ocular Lens 06-05-2009
022/2009 ESIC Hospital, Okhla: Tender for the disposal of one Incinerator
Tender document
023/2009 ESIC Hospital, Okhla: Tender for the Annual, Repair and Maintenance of civil, horticulture and electrical works
Tender Document
024/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for Printing of Hospital Forms and Registers 12-05-2009
025/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Tender Notice

Appointment of Consultant for Consultancy Services for Development of Strategy/Models for upgradation, Operation and Management of Super Specialty Hospital and construction, equipping and running of medical Colleges on Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model
026/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for Ambulance Service on Contract basis 21-05-2009
027/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for local purchase of drugs and dressings 01-06-2009
028/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for Tie-up arrangement for Special Laboratory Investigations Services - 2009 25-05-2009
029/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Offce: Expression of Interest for empanelment of Company/Firm for advertising in Cinema/Theatre 27-05-2009
030/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Renovation and refurbishment of Staff Quarters at ESIC Colony, Sector 56, Noida - Invitation for pre qualification of Contractors  
031/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Empanelment of Architectural and Engineering and/or Project Management Consultants 15-06-2009
032/2009 ESIH, Rohini: Tender for the purchase of Stationary  
033/2009 ESIC, HQRS. : Proceedings of pre-bid meeting reg. medical colleges  
034/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for providing tie up services for CT Scan/MRI Scan 15-06-2009
035/2009 ESIH, Rohini: Tender Notice for Mechanized cleaning and house keeping in ESIH and Residential Colony, Rohini
Tender Document
036/2009 ESIH, ROHINI: Tender for running of Cycle/Car/Scooter Parking Stand Contract  
037/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for X-Ray Room Equipment - Lead Glass and Sheet 07-07-2009
038/2009 ESIC, Central Store - Delhi : Tender for Medical Equipment and furniture for ESI Hospital      Corrigendum

Reply to queries regarding Pre Tender Meeting

Competent Authority has approved the cancellation of tender No.DMU-16/55/Equipment Purchase/2009/CS due on 21.07.09 for the purchase of 170 Medical Equipments and furniture items for various ESIC Hospitals in India.  EMD shall be returned after the tenderers submit the pre-receipt
039/2009 Tender for Rate Contract for Supply of Drugs & Dressings No.133   -    Drugs schedule of Rate Contract Enquiry No.133
040/2009 IGESIH Jhilmil: Tender for carryingout laboratory investigations 24-07-2009
041/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office: Re-Tender for 12th Valuation of Assets & Liabilities 17-07-2009
042/2009 IGESIH Jhilmil: Tender for extension of Pipeline from existing oxygen & suction pipelines 30-07-2009
043/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Invitation of Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract of UPS 31-07-2009
044/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of Suture Materials 06-08-2009
045/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of various Orthopaedic Implants/Orthopaedic disposable items 05-08-2009
046/2009 ESIH, Rohini: Tender for purchase of medical equipments  19-08-2009
047/2009 IGESIH, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi : Tender for extension of pipeline 30-07-2009
048/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Tender for housekeeping and facility management services in ESIC Hqrs. Office and ESIC Staff Colony Sector 56, Noida 18-08-2009
049/2009 Tender for Procurement of Medical Equipment for ESIC Model hospitals at Kollam Kerala and ESIC Hospital Joka, Kolkata

i) Kollam, Kerala ....   ....  .... Amendment No.1
Reply to queries on Pre-tender meeting 
ii) Joka, Kolkata
050/2009 Directorate(Medical)Delhi : Tender for Annual Repair & Maintenance of ESIC 27 Nos. Dispensaries, 122 Nos. Staff Qtrs., Operation & maintenance of 12 Nos Pump Houses and 1 No.Electric Sub-station 04-09-2009
051/2009 Directorate(Medical)Delhi : Tender for providing security services in various ESI Dispensaries, Residential colonies, vacant plots in Delhi and New Delhi 07-09-2009
052/2009 Directorate(Medical)Delhi : Tender Notice for House Keeping Service 18-09-2009
053/2009 Director (Medical), NOIDA: Tender for sale of condemned Vehicles  
054/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of Conservancy Services on contract. 16-09-2009
055/2009 Directorate (Medical) Delhi-Tender for X-Ray Chemicals, Ortho Implant & Consumable items and Denture and Capping of Teeth .
056/2009 IGESI Hospital Jhilmil: Tender for the supply of linen items .
057/2009 ESIC Model Hospital : Noida : Tender for sale of condemned Vehicle .
058/2009 IGESI Hospital, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi : Tender for Lab Equipments/instruments 15-09-2009
059/2009 ESIC Hospital, Okhla: Rate quotations for Misc. Items for 2009-2010 08-09-2009
060/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of Equipments against condemnation 07-10-2009
061/2009 IGESIC Hospital, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi : Tender for Eye Instruments 24-09-2009
062/2009 ESIC - Haryana : Tender for the purchase of various stationery items 24-09-2009
063/2009 ESIC, Central Store - Delhi : Tender for Medical Equipment and furniture for ESI Hospital 05-10-2009
064/2009 Directorate(Medical)Delhi : Tender for provision of Haemodialysis services 29-09-2009
065/2009 ESIC -  Tender for Procurement of Blood Bank Equipment for ESIC MGM Hospital, Mumbai (India) 
1.  Tender Notice
2.  Tender Document
066/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender Enquiry - Rate Contract for supplying Medical/Surgical Disposable Items and instructions to the tenderer 10-11-2009
067/2009 ESIC, Bihar :  Tender for Security Services 09-11-2009
068/2009 IGESICH, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi - Limited Tender for X-ray Department 18-11-2009
069/2009 ESIH, Rohini, Delhi - Tender for Medical Equipments for use in Dental College, ICU, Ortho & Radiology 16/17-11.09
070/2009 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of eqipments and Instruments for Anaesthesia, ICU, CSSD, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy - Medical College 04-12-2009
071/2009 ESI Hospital & Occupational Disease Centre, Kolkata: Tender for supply of equipments against condemnation Defib and Elisa 25-11-2009
072/2009 ESI Hospital & Occupational Disease Centre, Kolkata:Tender for supplying various medical/surgical equipments/instruments/ articles 27-11-2009
073/2009 ESIH - Rohini : Corrigendum regarding specifications of Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine 29-11-2009
074/2009 IGESIH - Jhilmil colony :  Tender for House Keeping Services,Security Guard and Lift OperatorCycle/Scooter/Car-parking Stand 08-12-2009
075/2009 ESIH - Okhla : Tender for Security services   - (English Version)  
(Hindi Version)
Tender Form
076/2009 CMS - ESIH-Sec-15, Rohini Delhi - Limited tender from transporters for goods carriage for supply of Drugs and other items 07.12.2009
077/2009 ESI Hospital & Occupational Disease Centre, Joka: Tender for ambulance services on contract basis 30-12-2009
078/2009 D(M)D, ESI Scheme: Tender for formation of Annual Rate Contract for ESI Scheme for the following:

Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL)
X-Ray Chemicals
Hearing Aids
079/2009 CMS - ESIH-Sec-15, Rohini Delhi - Equipment Purchase Tender  
080/2009 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Tender for printing & supply of urgent periodical reports/agenda/conference papers etc. 29-12-2009


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