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Tender 2010

Tender 2010

001/2010 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supplying Lab Reagents & Chemicals for fully automated Random Access Biochemistry Analyser Toshiba 05-01-2010
002/2010 ESI Hospital, Okhla, Delhi : Tender for Medical Equipment  (English Version)         (Hindi Version) 13-01-2010
003/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Tender for maintenance/servicing/repair/ overhauling etc. of the Staff Cars 15-01-2010
004/2010 ESIH, Rohini: Tender for Medical Equipments  
005/2010 IGESI Hospital Jhilmil: Tender for maintenance and repair of miscellaneous items 14-01-2010
006/2010 CMS-ESIH,Rohini-Delhi : Tender for Denture and capping of Teeth/Bridge Work 14-01-2010
007/2010 ESI Hospital & OD Centre, Joka, Kolkata : Tender for supply of Medical Books & Journals 27-01-2010
008/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Tender from M/s.HLL Lifecare Limited for Medical Equipment for use in ESIC Hospitals on behalf of ESIC Hospitals

Amendment for Item No. 5 and Item No. 12
Amendment for Item No. 7 and Item No. 27
009/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Centre, Joka :Rate contract for supplying Medical/Surgical Disposable Items and instructions to the tenderer


010/2010 ESIC-HQRS. OFFICE :  Invitation of Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers & Peripherals 22-02-2010
011/2010 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for Pest Control measures in the Hospital Campus 03-03-2010
012/2010 ESIH, Rohini, Delhi : Tender Notice Inviting supply of Medical Equipments for Dental College, Radiology, Surgery and Pediatric Departments 02-03-2010
013/2010 Tender for annual rate contract for purchase of Hospital Furniture for ESIC Hospitals at different locations 
Tender Document
014/2010 Directorate (M) Noida : Tender for House Keeping services at ESI Hospital, Sector-24, Noida 15-03-2010
015/2010 IGESI Hospital, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi : Limited Tender for Supply of Degradable Polythene Bags 12-03-2010
016/2010 IGESI Hospital, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi : Limited Tender for Supply of miscellaneous items 04-03-2010
017/2010 ESIC Model Hospital & ODC, Indore : Sealed tenders in two BID system from the eligible and experienced contractors enlisted with CPWD, MES, Railways, Department of telecommunication & State PWD of M.P for civil repair & maintenance works  & electrical repair & maintenance & running / operation works
018/2010 ESIC MGM Hospital, Mumbai : Tender for Annual Repairs and maintenance of buildings and Installations in the Premises of MGM Hospitals 18-03-2010
019/2010 ESIC Hospital, Okhla : Tender for supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, paneer, bread & butter etc. 18-03-2010
020/2010 ESI Hospital, Jhilmil : Re-tender for the supply of Miscellaneous Items 29-03-2010
021/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini : Tender for supply of Medical Books & Medical Journals 29.03.2010
022/2010 D(M)D: Tender for haemodialysis services in respect of ESI Beneficiaries 26-03-2010
023/2010 ESI Hospital & OD Centre, Joka, Kolkata : Tender for supply of equipments and Instruments for Anaesthesia, ICU - Medical College 13-04-2010
024/2010 ESI Hospital, Okhla : Tender for Group Medical Gases & Liquid Medical Oxygen 21-04-2010
025/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office :  Amendment No. 1 issued on 30.03.2010  
026/2010 ESIH, Rohini: Tender for supply of Medical Books and Medical Journals 10-04-2010
027/2010 ESIC MGM Hospital, Mumbai : Tender for various services and Annual Repairs and Maintenance of Buildings 17-04-2010
028/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office:Tender from approved Travel/Airlines Agencies

Amendment in Tender Notice Date Changed is 23.04.2010 instead of 19.04.2010
029/2010 ESIH Rohini, Delhi : Tender for the supply of the Dental equipments/ Instruments and Bones & Articulated Skeletons (Original Human Skeleton) underSingle Bid System 16-04-2010

ESI Hospital & OD Centre, Joka, Kolkata : Tender for supply of
various Ophthalmological Implants, Intra Ocular Lens (IOL)

031/2010 ESIC, Andhra Pradesh : Tender for furniture Computer Tables, Printer Tables, Computer Chairs
032/2010 ESI Hospital, Jhilmil : Auction of Incinerator 07-05-2010
033/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of Cooked Diet to the patients and instructions thereof 12-05-2010
034/2010 Directorate (M) Noida, ESICH Noida: Tender for Security Services of ESI Hospital, Sector - 24 Noida

035/2010 ESIH Rohini, Delhi : Tender for the purchase of medical equipments 24-05-2010
036/2010 SSMC Maharashtra : Tender for supply of Computer Tables, and Standard Computer Chairs to ESIS Hospital, Dispensaries and AMO Offices in Maharashtra 20-05-2010
037/2010 ESI Hospital, Jhilmil : Tender for supply of degradable polythene bags 19-05-2010
038/2010 ESIMH Indore: Tender for ARM works 21-05-2010
039/2010 ESIH Okhla: Tender for providing security services  21-05-2010
040/2010 Directorate (Medical) Delhi : Tender for hearing aids 25-05-2010
041/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for local purchase of drugs and dressings  08-06-2010
042/2010 ESIC SRO- Madurai : Sealed item-wise (Two Bid System) Tenders are invited from experienced firms/Contractor s who have registered  with PWD/CPWD/Public Sectors & Govt. undertaking and who are  having experience in maintenance of office buildings and residential quarters of similar nature, for the following works for the period from  1.07.2010 to 31.3.2011 10-06-2010
043/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Open Tender Enquiry - (Two Bid System) 2010-11 : For supply of Equipments and Instruments for Anaesthesia, ICU - Medical College. 10-06-2010
044/2010 ESI Hospital, Jhilmil : Tender for  supply of towels 07-06-2010
045/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Open Tender Enquiry - (Two Bid System) 2010-11 : For supply of Office Furniture/General Equipments and articles 11-06-2010
046/2010 ESIC Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi : Sale of Waste X-ray Material at IG ESI Hospital, Jhilmil, Delhi - 110095 31-05-2010
047/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini, Delhi :  Tender for the supply of medical equipment under two bid system for proposed ESIC Dental College, Sector-15, Rohini, Delhi - 85. 31-05-2010
048/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC(EZ) Kolkata :   Tender Enquiry - "Rate Contract" for supply of various Ophthalmological Implants, Intra Ocular Lens (I.O.L.) - 2010 -11


049/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini, Delhi : Tenders are invited for AMC of Medical Equipments/instruments installed in the ESIC Hospital 14-06-2010
050/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC(EZ) Kolkata :  Tender for repair and maintenace work of buildings and other related work 08-06-2010
051/2010 MGM Hospital, Mumbai : Tender for Annual Repairs and Maintenance of Buidlings and Installations  
052/2010 ESIC Hqrs.Office : Tender for letting out on rent three shops in the shopping complex of ESIC Colony, Sec-56, Noida- UP on 11 months lease basis. 09-07-2010
053/2010 ESIH, Basaidarapur : Tender for USG Machine and Deep Freezer 12-07-2010 
054/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil, Delhi: Tender for equipment & instrument 13 -07-2010
055/2010 ESIC Hqrs.Office : Tender for supply of Medical equipment for various ESIC Hospitals 
[Tender Notice from M/s.HLL Lifecare Limited for and on behalf of ESIC]
[Tender Document from M/s.HLL Lifecare Limited for and on behalf of ESIC]
056/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of / work contract of / tie up arrangement of local purchase of drugs and dressings 12-07-2010
057/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil, Delhi : Walk-in-Interview for empanelling of Senior Residents (Medicine, Gynae & Obst., Anaesthesia, Paediatrics & Surgery) 07-07-2010
058/2010 ESIC Model Hospital,Indore : Tender for providing consultancy services for ISO Certification 9001-2008 QMS  21-07-2010
059/2010 ESIC, Dir(Med)Delhi :Tender for surgical consumables for the year of 2010 to 2012 15-07-2010 
060/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender Enquiry for Ambulance Service on contract basis 16-07-2010
061/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender Enqury for supply of Soap and Shaving Blade 30-07-2010
062/2010 ESIC, Bihar : Tender for Repair & Maintenance Work with water supply  and Sanitary work of RO Buildings and Internal Electrical Work of RO Buildings and Staff Quarters

063/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of various Lab Reagents and Chemicals 03-08-2010
064/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for providing washing of hospital linen and laundry services 05-08-2010
065/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of equipments and instruments against condemnation 02-08-2010
066/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supplying medical/surgical disposable items 04-08-2010
067/2010 ESI Dir(Med)Delhi : Tender for engagement of transport vehicle 05-08-2010
068/2010 ESI Hospital Store, Basaidarapur : Tender for Medical Gases 27-07-2010
069/2010 ESIH, Paripally, Kerala : Tender for supply of Ex-servicemen Security Guards/House Keeping Services/ Hiring of Staff Car and Ambulance 06-08-2010
070/2010 Directorate (M) Noida: Tender for running parking lot at ESI Dispensary, Sector 57, NOIDA  
071/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office : Sealed offers under two envelope systems are invited from eligible contractors for installation of Borewell at ESIC Colony, Sector-56, Noida. 22-07-2010
072/2010 IGESIH,Jhilmil, Delhi: Tender for the supply of Air Conditioner and Stabilizer. 03-08-2010
073/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of Stationery. 12-08-2010
074/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender enquiry for Special Laboratory Investigation Service. 24-08-2010
075/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender  for providing tie-up services for Blood Bank facilities. 25-08-2010
076/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata :  Tender for running of canteen for Hospital and visitors 20-08-2010
077/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini, Delhi : Tender for running of Cycle/Car/Scooter Parking Stand 31-10-2010
078/2010 Dir(Med.)Noida :  Tender for Canteen Services at ESI Hospital, Sector-24, Noida 27-08-2010
079/2010 ESIC Hospital Delhi & NCR:Result of Prequalification Bid of Surgical Consumable tender.  
080/2010 National Training Academy, ESIC: Tender for hiring of accommodation from Hoteliers/Landlords 02-09-2010
081/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of Air Conditioners 30-08-2010
082/2010 ESIC Hospital, Ezhukone, Kollam, Kerala : Tender for House Keeping Services 27-08-2010
083/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil, Delhi: Tender for supply of equipments and instruments for Anaesthesia, Blood Bank, Eye, CSSD, ICU, Pathology, Surgery, etc.  
084/2010 ESIC RO, Patna: Tender for supply of Plastic Covers
Cancellation Notice
085/2010 Directorate Medical NOIDA: Tender for Outsourcing of Special/Routine Laboratory Investigations  
086/2010 Directorate (Medical) Delhi: Tender for Local Chemist 07-09-2010
087/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil, Delhi: Tender for supply of fruits, vegetables, bread, butter, eggs etc. 13-09-2010
088/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant 21-09-2010
089/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office : Tender for printing and supply of 5000 books of All INdia List of Address 10-09-2010
090/2010 IGESI Hospital Jhilmil: Tender for equipments in the Hospital.  
091/2010 ESIC RO, Bihar: Tender for Repair and Maintenance services. 14-09-2010
092/2010 ESIC Hospital, Noida: Tender for purchase of Gen Sets. 21-09-2010
093/2010 ESIC Hospital, Joka: Tender for supply of  Equipment and Instrument for  Anesthesia. 28-09-2010
094/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil, Delhi: Tender for supply of Linen Item. 20-09-2010
095/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office: Tender for supply of Medical equipments.
096/2010 ESIC, Hqrs.Office : Tender Notice for Rate Contract No.135 for Drugs/Medicines 

Terms & Conditions for Rate Contract No.135 for Drugs/Medicines for use in ESI Institutions of All over India to be valid for two years


Drugs & Dressings Schedule for Rate Contract No.135


097/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for supply of Security in hospital  
098/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini:Tender for supply of 2D USG with Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine. 29-09-2010
099/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini:Invitation of sealed quotationsfor C.M.C. of laundry equipments. 24-09-2010
100/2010 ESIC, Hqrs.Office :  Notice inviting Tenders from reputed Movers & Packers 24-09-2010
101/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini:
1. Tender for supply of Books and Journalism.
2. Tender for supply of Dental Equipments.
3.Tender for supply of Consumable Items.
Revised edition of this Tender:
1. Tender for supply of Books and Journalism.
2. Tender for supply of Dental Equipments.
102/2010 ESIC, Hqrs.Office: Tender inviting R.F.P. for Appointment of Consultant for PPP Model for Devloping Hospital and Medical Colleges.  
Proceedings of pre-bid meeting dated 12.10.10
103/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office: Renewal of agreement for personal effects and personal vehicle.  
104/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for Ambulance Services 30-09-2010
105/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Kolkata : Tender for Vehicles Parking 06-10-2010
106/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini: Launching of latest version of ISO 9001-2008 QMS certification 28-09-2010
107/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office: Tender for Hiring of Office Accommodation for Hqrs. Office. 20-10-2010
108/2010 ESI Corporation, Kolkata:Tender for supply of Medical Books and Journals for Library of PGMSR, Maniktala. 29-10-2010
109/2010 ESI Hospital Gurgaon : Tender Notice for Empanelment of Local Chemist

Tender Document
110/2010 ESIC, RO Andhra Pradesh: Inviting Quotations for the Processing of Applications of LDC Examination 07-10-2010
111/2010 ESIC Hospital, Joka Kolkata:Tender for providing washing of hospital Linen and Laundry Services 12-10-2010
112/2010 ESIC Hospital, Joka Kolkata : Tender for supply of medical books for library 04-11-2010
113/2010 Directorate (Medical) Delhi: Tender inviting for Annual Repair and Maintenance for the year 2010-2011 26-10-2010
114/2010 ESIC MH & ODC Indore: Inviting applications for Super Speciality Treatment  
115/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil Delhi: Tender inviting for Annual Report and Maintenance of work for One Year - Part -1 
                                                     Part- 2
116/2010 ESIC Hqrs.Office (HLL Lifecare Limited):  Advertisement for supply of Blood Bank Medical Equipment  
Tender Enquiry Document for purchase of Blood Bank
117/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office (HLL Lifecare Limited): Advertisement for supply of Dental Equipment 
Tender Enquiry Document for purchase of Dental Equipment
118/2010 ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam Hyedrabad:Tender inviting for HouseKeeping services 04-11-2010
119/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office :Inviting Tender for empanelment of Agencies for  Hiring of Taxies 27-10-2010
120/2010 ESIC SRO, Surat: Inviting Tender for providing Security Service  26-10-2010
121/2010 ESI Hospital Okhla : Tender for providing super speciality treatment to the beneficiaries  
122/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office (HLL Lifecare Limited): Procurement of  128 Slice CT & 1.5 Tesla MRI  for ESIC Hospital, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad

Tender Document

Cancellation of Tender
123/2010 ESI Hospital, Okhla : Tender for tie-up arrangement with Private / Corporate/ government Hospitals 28-10-2010
124/2010 Directorate (Medical) Delhi, Tilak Vihar: Tender for engagement of Nursing Orderly and Paramedical Staff  on contractual basis. 11-11-2010
125/2010 Directorate(Medical) Delhi, Tilak Vihar: Tendor for engagment of transport vehicle for transporting drugs/dressing and other material. 19-11-2010
126/2010 ESIC Hospital Joka, Kolkata: Invitation to Tender Enquiry for supply of Towel. 19-11-2010
127/2010 ESIC, Model Hospital Nacharam, Hyderabad: Tender for Patient Diet Supplies/Ambulance Services. 18-11-2010
128/2010 ESIC, Model Hospital Nacharam, Hyderabad: Tender of Medical oxygen, Nitrous oxide, Carbon Dioxide gases 30-11-2010
129/2010 ESIC Hospital & Dental College, Rohini : Tender for Medical Books 18-11-2010
130/2010 ESIC Hospital & Dental College, Rohini : Tender for Chemicals (Group-A), X-Ray Films and Chemicals (Group-B) 19-11-2010
131/2010 ESIC Model Hospital, Indore, MP : Tender for ISO 9001-2008 QMS (English & Hindi Version) 01-12-2010
132/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil Delhi: Inviting Tender for supply of T-Shirts. 22-11-2010
133/2010 ESIC Hospital Joka, Kolkata: Invitation for Tender enquiry -'Rate Contract' for supply Suture Materials 06-12-2010
134/2010 ESIC Hqrs. Office:  Empanelment of  Advertising Agencies, for publication  06-12-2010
135/2010 ESIC Hospital Basaidarapur, Delhi: Invites Tender for Devlopment of dynamic Website for  hospital 15-11-2010
136/2010 ESIC Hospital Joka, Kolkata: Tender for repairing of compressor motors of the AC Plant 20-11-2010
137/2010 ESI Hospital, Basaidarapur : Tender for 2D USG Machine with color Doppler
138/2010 ESI Hospital, Basaidarapur : Tender for Deep freezer 

80° C

139/2010 ESI Hospital, Peenya, Bangalore: Tender for supply of Medical Equipment  Corrigendum
Tender Document       Corrigendum

Notice regarding Cancellation of Tender

Revised Tender Document in r/o supply of Medical Equipment through M/s.HLL
140/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini: Tendere inviting for supply of Dental Equipments 30-11-2010
141/2010 ESI Hospital, Joka, Kolkata : Tender for supply of Reverse Osmosis Plant 06-12-2010
142/2010 ESIC Hospital, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad: Tender for supply of 128 SLICE CT & 3.0 TESLA MRI
Tender Document
Clarification of Tender Document after Pre-Bid meeting
143/2010 IGESIH, Jhilmil Delhi: Tender inviting for providing Consultancy Services 29-11-2010
144/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office : Tender Notice for supply of Medical Equipment (for Radiology, Urology, Gen.& Gynae Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Psychiatry, ENT, Paediatric, Dental, etc.)

Detailed Tender Document
145/2010 ESI Hospital, Basaidarapur: Tender inviting for Medical Gases 15-12-2010
146/2010 ESIC Model Hospital, Gurgaon: Tender for procurement of   Medical Equipments. 08-12-2010
147/2010 ESIC Hospital, Rohini: Tender for supply of green vegetables, fruits etc. 22-12-2010
148/2010 ESIC Hospital, Basaidarapur: Invitation of Sealed Tender under two bid systems for procurement of T.Shirt
Invitation of Sealed Tender for procurement of  Misc.items
Cancellation of Tender for providing Security Services
149/2010 ESIC Hospital & ODC Centre - Joka : Tender for supply of  Conservancy Services (2010-2011) on contract 14-12-2010
150/2010 ESIC Model Hospital & ODC Centre - Indore : Tender for supply of House Keeping Services and  facility management services 30-12-2010
151/2010 ESIC, Hqrs. Office : Clarification  of tender document after the pre-bid meeting held on 30.11.2010 in r/o HLL/PCD/ESIC-25/10-11 Dated 16.11.2010  


Last updated / Reviewed : 2017-07-14



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