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S.No. Name of Office Subject Publish Date Last Date Console Sl. No.
1 ESIC Hqrs, New Delhi Notice Inviting Tender for Special Repair works to Data Centre Building, Rohini, New Delhi size:(695.52 KB)
2019-05-18 2019-05-29 4877/2019
2 Regional Office, Kanpur Re-Tender for Annual Repair & Maintenance of Civil & Electrical Works for the year 2019-20 at the ESIC Hospital & its staff quarters at Pandeypur, Varanasi along with Two Attached Dispensary/ Branch Office. size:(2.27 MB)
2019-05-17 2019-06-06 4872/2019
3 RO Mumbai Tender Notice for Auction/Sale Notice for Unserviceable Scrap Materials size:(155.43 KB)
2019-05-17 2019-05-23 4871/2019
2019-05-16 2019-06-05 4870/2019
5 ESIC REGIONAL OFFICE UTTARAKHAND Corrigendum - 1 Expression Of interest (EOI) for Tertiary Medical care for ESI Beneficiaries size:(261.82 KB)
2019-05-16 2019-06-10 4869/2019
2019-05-16 2019-06-03 4868/2019
7 ESIC REGIONAL OFFICE UTTARAKHAND E-Tender for hiring suitable accommodation for ESIS Dispensary at Roorkee, Uttarakhand size:(206.10 KB)
2019-05-16 2019-06-03 4867/2019
8 ESIC Hosp,Basaidarapur, New Delhi Re-Tender for Maintenance of LPG/CNG Gas Pipeline & Gas Operated Equipments size:(1.41 MB)
2019-05-15 2019-05-24 4866/2019
9 ESIC Regional Office Delhi ARM Re-Tender of ESIC Hospital Jhilmil Campus, New Delhi along with Five Dispensaries/Offices. size:(1.64 MB)
2019-05-15 2019-05-20 4865/2019
10 ESIC Regional Office Delhi Corrigendum-3 E-Tender for Comprehensive ARM of ESIC Model Hospital Jhilmil, New Delhi along with 05 Dispensaries/Offices. size:(222.17 KB)
2019-05-15 2019-05-20 4864/2019
11 RO THRISSUR NIQ ESIH NIQ ESIH Feroke Laundry size:(394.51 KB)
2019-05-14 2019-05-23 4863/2019
12 Regional Office Kanpur E-Tender For “Annual Repair & Maintenance of Civil & Electrical Works for the year 2019-20 at the ESIC Hospital, staff quarters& Sub Regional Office(Hospital Building)at Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow along withESI Dispensary, Sitapur and ESIC Branch Office & Guest House located at Kapurthala, Aliganj, Lucknow.” size:(1.18 MB)
2019-05-13 2019-06-03 4861/2019
13 Regional Office Kanpur RE-Tender for ARM of Civil & Electrical Works for the year 2019-20 at the ESIC Hospital & its staff quarters located in premises of CB Ganj, Bareilly along with ESI Dispensary, Katghar-Moradabad (Ax.) located in premises of Distt. Hospital Moradabad & ESI Dispensary, Rampur (Ax.) located in premises of Distt. Hospital. size:(2.64 MB)
2019-05-08 2019-05-29 4856/2019
14 ESIC Regional Office, Dehradun, Uttarakhand Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment for Tertiary care treatment and diagnostic services size:(633.44 KB)
2019-05-06 2019-06-03 4852/2019
15 ESIC Hqrs, New Delhi Notice Inviting E-Tender for Operations and Maintenance of IT Rollout Project Panchdeep size:(574.93 KB)
Existing Base System size:(1.58 MB)
Existing DC and DRC Asset Details size:(555.05 KB)
Service Level Agreement size:(262.06 KB)
Scope of Panchdeep O & M for DC and DRC size:(103.61 KB)
List of ESIC Site for Information only size:(348.81 KB)
Transition Responsibilities of the Service Provider size:(108.26 KB)
Profile of Software Manpower required for Technology Improvement, Additional Software Application Functionalities Development and Change Request size:(439.80 KB)
Profile of the Project Team size:(133.46 KB)
Training Location size:(558.17 KB)
Building Management System size:(554.36 KB)
Instructions for Online Bid Submission size:(443.06 KB)
Scope of Services (Volume I) size:(276.15 KB)
Commercial and Bidding Terms (Volume II) size:(632.81 KB)
2019-05-06 2019-05-23 4851/2019
16 ESIC, Hqrs, New Delhi Notice Inviting e-Tender for Operations & Maintance of IT Rollout Project Panchdeep size:(574.93 KB)
RFP size:(42.31 KB)
2019-05-04 2019-05-23 4850/2019
17 ESIC RO Ahemdabad Gujarat Notice for Inviting Expression of Interest for hiring of Premises for ESIS Dispensaries in Gujarat size:(3.54 MB)
2019-05-03 2019-05-29 4844/2019
18 ESICMH, Gurugram, Haryana E-Tender Notice for Providing vehicles including Two BLS Ambulances. size:(973.01 KB)
2019-05-03 2019-05-23 4843/2019
19 Regional Office, Jaipur EOI for Providing Secondary Care Treatment & Diagonastic Services to ESI Beneficiaries in Rajasthan. size:(717.95 KB)
2019-04-26 2019-05-29 4833/2019
20 ESIC, Hqrs, New Delhi Report of Price Committee for installation & Commissioning of CT.64 slice and MRI 1.5 T Machine in ESIC Medical Colleges & hospitals on Turnkey basis.[Tender ID: 1329] size:(1.21 MB)
2019-04-25 Others 4831/2019
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